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News at Cowboymod

Friday, 21 June 2013

beauty leaving the store

rachel will be leaving the store from july 20th 2013
but, don’t fret, there’ll be more of the emporium to love now…..

i'm very sad to say that rachel will be leaving the store.
after 3 great years here, she's become part of the family & will be greatly missed.
she's setting setting up a new store in beauty within in botley oxford.
we wish her all the very best...
& we really appreciate all that she has achieved here..
i don't think she will be replaced, rather that the store shall expand downstairs....
so, there will be more of the emporium to enjoy....
with a fully loaded guitar room, & a room dedicated to vintage clothing, furniture, jewellery,
superheroes, kids clothing, 2nd hand clothing etc etc...
well, heck, just about anything i wanna put in there.....


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