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Monday, 11 November 2013

the jam steve brookes & paul weller 09 november 2013

i was very lucky to be allowed to photograph this wonderful event….

steve brookes the original member of the jam with paul weller, hosted a charity gig, in his home town of woking surrey
on saturday 9th nov 13. telling of tales of growing up with paul weller, forming the band & then leaving it all behind....
this was done with great reflection from a man who is not burdened by self doubt or what if's..... but by a man who's own self belief
has carried him through it all.
with rare photographs & audio clips, it was a splendid evening.
paul wellers mother, ann & sister nicky & a whole bunch of steves family & friends were in attendance plus a large contingent of us scallys,
who grew up listening to the jam....
it was an honor to be there that night & especially to be allowed to shoot some photos.....
to then have the evening end with steve's very special guest & boyhood mate, paul weller,
who joined him on stage for a few old numbers, by marvin gaye & the everly brothers...
earlier i had asked paul to sign one of my photographs, which, when they finished, i jumped up on stage & promptly auctioned for the woking hospice,
it raised an extra £375.00 which made me very chuffed....
you can see some of my photos here in the photos section of this website & also on facebooks cowboymod page....
it was a night i'll never forget.... thanks to all who was there...


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