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News at Cowboymod

Thursday, 06 November 2014


clearly, someone reads this, as i’ve been told to update it….. haha
ok, so, well, what’s been going on?..... alfie,, bikes, tattoos, TV, store…. christmas….

a couple of weeks ago myself & the store were filmed as part of a channel 4 show called "the french collection"....
whereby, the shows contestants try & sell me some of their wares, in the hope of making enough profit to win the show....
i think it went well, it'll air in the spring.....
this comes on the back of setting up the store with more "vintage, shabby chic" merchandise....
i am being ably assisted by louise, who has a better understanding of such things than i do.....
& this weekend we are going to dress the store for christmas.....
it's going to look amazing....
but the best news is that last sunday, alfie, learnt to ride his bicycle.....
that was one of those milestone moments.....
oh, that & my tattoo, which he did for me.....
but, that's another story....
if you do instagram or twitter.. follow the store on there as well....... cowboymod
, blimey, almost forgot...
bruce foxton came in to visit the other day..... bruce (from the jam) foxton....


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